they say:
Ricki Hill is a graphic designer, photostylist, and multimedia artist inspired by the way nature and technology come together in the world around us. She uses traditional techniques in new ways by applying embroidery, taxidermy, decoupage and craft elements in contemporary work. Using discarded objects that on the surface appear to be trash, she enjoys recombining them, creating a new narrative inspired by dreams, fairy tales and stream of conciousness writing. By looking below the surface of things and entering into the mysterious worlds of the subconcious, questioning reality, she seeks to see the world with fresh eyes.

“I have a sense of nostagia about things, the past and the present. Juxtaposing various imagery to create microcosms or dreamscapes, the work uses found materials, natural and fabricated (scrap paper, metal, feathers, seed pods, keys, etc.). What is the history of this object? Its original use, what is inherently known or what is inferred? How it lost its way? It’s part of the mystery and the thrill of the search and reconstitution, like a cycle of rebirth. It’s in this creation of something new that I lose myself in the process of story telling. Like a long yarn unraveling, the shape is unknown until it is fully knit, worn, darned, handed down and then patched up again...salvaged...reconnected.“

This site is mostly a way to share my work.

If you are interested in more information about a particular piece, to see if it’s available for purchase, commission new work, or to comment in general, please write to me: